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Web design predictions for 2016-2017 in Staffordshire

The web design industry is part of a dynamic technology that is always evolving. Creative minds work day and night to develop new ideas, techniques, tools and concepts regarding the industry. This is the reason why we keep our fingers crossed for the New Year waiting to see just what new web design technology has in store for us. At web design Staffordshire, we can just try to predict what new trends are going to pop up and which trends the industry will be kicking them to rest. We have highlighted some of the amazing predictions for the world of web design in the year 2016-2017.

Overall theme: differentiation

In the past year a majority of the pretty websites almost look alike. However, we bet that this is going to change in the coming year. The year will bring with it a more definitive and unique user experiences. Reasons for this differentiation include;

Graphical Storytelling

Web users will now enjoy the interactive experience through the use of visual storytelling. Although it is complex to story tell through a website it is not entirely impossible. The Peugeot’s Hybrid Graphic novel has maximized the opportunity of storytelling by entertaining their users with a scrollable graphic novel while allowing them to learn about the Peugeot’s hybrid4 technology.

Semi-flat design

The design industry dived into the flat design following the launch of the metro style by Microsoft. However, the design came with unfavorable user experiences which prompted the industry to evolve it into a semi-flat design that integrates small shadows, cards and good transitions. The semi-flat design is easier to use than the flat design and soon it is going to flood the industry.


Custom-made illustrations

The design world is planning to use the custom made illustrations for their users instead of designing different icons every other time. This is a way of saving precious time and money.

Unique use of grid

This creative use of grids involves stacking image one on top of the other but they fall in place as the user scrolls down.


Designers are bound to include cinemagraphs in their websites to enhance the mood of the website. Unlike the videos, cinemagraphs take less bandwidth and are better than still photos because they also include motions.


Web design Staffordshire is dedicated to moving with the speed of the evolving web industry and making the prediction a reality to you. Just hold your breath and wait.