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The questions you need to ask before choosing a web design firm in Staffordshire

Before you pick on a firm to design your website, it is automatic that you will have to meet them first. This meeting is primarily meant so that you can verify their legitimacy and get to know about the company and the capabilities they possess to tackle your job. Also, it will help you to understand how they plan to approach the challenges that come with your project. Here are some of the most important questions you need to ask them before you do anything else.

Approach to Usability

The question here is what the approach of the firm to usability is. Depending on how they answer, you will be able to differentiate if they are novices or experts and what their focus is. A good web design firm must believe in a user-centered design and be ready to conduct usability testing.

Examples of similar project

Always ask that they show you examples of the previous projects that have similar goals with your project. You can ask for clarification as to why it was built that way, the challenges, and how they measured the results to meet the goals. A company that has worked on a wide range of projects is mostly likely to produce excellent results.

As to meet the team

A good company consists of a team of experts who work together to deliver results. Meeting the team will help you to know if it is a stable firm or an ad-hoc company that has outsourced freelancers who have never worked together before.

Ask about how they handle changes

Technology is always changing, and so the sites must also change. Ask to know how they are going to manage the changes. The best answer they can give is how they are going to create a management tool that will make it easy fast and free to update text, upload images and add pages. It should also allow you to add information, change animations and create new page layouts.


How the results will be measured

Results are measured using terms like bounce rates, unique visits, page views, time on site, inbound links and search-engine rankings. The firm should be focused on using analytical tools to measure their results and generate leads to draw traffic to your sites.

Lastly, before you choose the firm always check their references through client testimonials and reviews. You can also check with the Better business bureau to see their rating. At web design Staffordshire you will be sure to get the best results on your project.

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