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Steps to starting a website for your small business in Staffordshire

Starting a website is not as easy as stumbling on a domain for your small business and you are ready to meet that web designer and begin the project. In today’s world, you need an active website to properly market your small business. Before you meet your designer, there are a few things that you should consider.

Determine the function of your website

Determining the functions of your website is the first thing to do before you even get started. You should know what you want it to do, if it will serve as an online business contact that sells out your business information, services and products and a way of reaching you, or if you intend to let your customers sign up so that you can email them monthly newsletters and reports. Determining the functionality of your website will help you to outline the features it will need to meet your project needs.

Think about maintenance

You should decide on who will do the maintenance task for your site. You can either let your producer do the maintenance, including posting and writing on the site or you may maintain it yourself, publishing blogs and uploading pictures. Depending on whom takes up the role, technology used in either maintenance styles are different. You should let the designer know how much you plan to get involved in the site so that they know what technology to use to design your site.

Marketing your site

How you market your site determines the results you get. The intention of every website is to maximize its functionality to achieve the most results. Figure out how people are going to find your site. Apart from putting your domain on business cards and other materials, you can also capture the attention f potential customers through other means. Ensure that you have proper search engine optimization that will help rank your site highly in the search engines and create traffic to your site.

You can also integrate your site with social media platforms like google+, LinkedIn and others. Email marketing and other online and offline marketing methods can also create more traffic to your site. Ensure that your site is attractive, easy to use, up-to-date and engaging so that visitors will not be disappointed when they pay it a visit.

Once you have all that in place, then you are ready to meet a designer and start your project. Web design Staffordshire is just waiting for your call, and they will instantly swing into action.