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Choosing a web designer in Staffordshire

Steps to choosing a web design company in Staffordshire

Having a website is one of the necessary elements of creating a web presence for your small business. An attractive website always works to the advantage of your business. Here are some features that will help your site to be more effective

Identify target audience

Every business has a target audience for its services and products. Your website should clearly point out which audience you are targeting. It should state the services it offers and to what group of people so that when visitors visit your page they can find what they need.

Search engine optimization

Your website should have elements that will optimize it for the search engines. These features include keywords, taglines and other key phrases placed on your web page or posts. These SEO tools will always create traffic to your site and enable you to sell out your business to more people.

Lead generation magnets

These Magnets usually attract qualified leads and prospects that are interested in the products and services t hat your company offers. They include educational guides, free reports, and whitepapers.

Contact information

A good website should contain contact information of the company. The information includes your phone number, email address, and fax number. You should place the information in places that the visitor will see it quickly and use it to reach out to you regarding your services.

Call to action

The web page should include information that invites the visitor to take action in one form or another. You could ask them to subscribe to your monthly newsletter, or fill a form for free product trial or to contact you for a free consultation. This information encourages your visitors to follow you up.

Easy navigation

The site should provide a means that allow easy visitor navigation so that they can easily find the information that you are looking for when they visit your website. You can improve your website’s navigation through making all links clickable, using appropriate titles, dividing categories clearly and keeping it consistent.

Mobile compatibility

Your website should be able to function properly on various platforms. Most people today use their Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to browse the internet. You should create a website that can operate even on mobile devices. It is advisable that you use links that users can just click and get the information that they want.

An effective website will help people find you, establish the credibility of your business and gives an impression that your company is bigger and more established than it is.


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